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Zakeya Zada (Bahrain)

Zakeya Zada

Zakeya’s inspiration comes from the beauty and strength of women all over the world, she expresses her sentiments with vivid colors that are derived from tradition, yet she uses modern form in a mélange of styles. Her pieces almost always have a woman at the center, sometimes in a classic portrait style and other times in a more modern abstract or expressionism style inspired by nature. She loves to work with her fingers to add embellishments and texture to her paintings.

Zakeya is a very optimistic person who loves to work in environments which are dynamic and full of life, and these feelings are very much portrayed within her paintings through the use of bright colors.

Zakeya exhibited her art works internationally and locally. She recently participated at Beirut International Art Fair and at Le Carrousel du Louvre Art Fair in Paris.
She also exhibited her artworks in Bahrain. As well as overseas in New Delhi and Mumbai, Cairo and Luxor, Paris, London, South Korea, Napoli, Brussels , Ankara, Tunisia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, and Qatar.

Zakeya Zada graduated from University of Leister – United Kingdom with a Master’s Degree in “Learning and Visitor Studies in Museums and Galleries”. She is the owner and the manager of “Makan Art Gallery”, founder and curator of “She” exhibition which is dedicated for female artists , founder and curator of “ Shabab Art” which is dedicated for you artists>