Story behind…

Every morning right after breakfast, Esrie prepares the chillies with her bare hands. She smashes it with a two pieces of stones to make a paste. Darro as they call it in Mentawai but popularly known for  Sambal oelek in most of the Southeast Asian countries. It is a spicy  chili sauce made from hot red chili peppers, salt and vinegar. In Indonesia,  It is the main complementary ingredient for every dish and I love it even before coming in Indonesia.

Subject : Esrie preparing darro for lunch

Location : Mentawai Tribe, Siberut, Indonesia


Styles : Expressionism, Figurative, Portraiture, Conceptual, Abstract.


Médiums : Mix Media

Oil, Acrylique, Digital, Oil Pastel, Dry Pastel, pumice and whatever is necessary for the final result


Material : Synthetic Canvas

Size : 50×75 cm