Italy 2020

70 x 120 cm

Oil on canvas


During the quarantine period due to the Covid-2019 pandemic, one of the restrictions which mostly caught my eye was to not being able to meet the people we usually meet in the days of our life.

Since i live alone, I thought for me it would have been very difficult. However, with the days passing, I relized how closed one can be tothe people more with the thoughts than the physical contact, and how we are all connected by a mental connection.

Furthermore, since the Coronavirus pandemic affect the population at a global level, a global and ever more powerful connection is created.

This is what inspired me for the realization of the painting: to make it I took inspiration from neurons images, which represent the human mind, the thought.

At the right and the left side of the painting , two different colors have been used to represent tho separate personalities, two separate minds which connect with the thought, and from this contact create and exchange energy.

The sphere at the background in the middle represents the energy producted by this contact