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Shereen Badr

Shereen Badr

Shereen Badr is an Egyptian contemporary Artist and art curator. She became fascinated with art at the age of six, backed by the encouragement and passion of both her parents.

She grew up in Kuwait, a culturally and internationally diverse society, which influenced her social upbringing and wellbeing, helped open her mind and exposed her to views of the outside world.

Shereen is a self-taught artist who became familiar with water-based coloring techniques, and then transitioned into oil based and acrylic painting. She joined various art workshops with well-known artists to improve and exchange artistic experiences with other artists.

She has participated in many group exhibitions and held her first official art exhibition, “Brush and Lens” with the American Photographer Kevin Roy, in April 1, 2016 at Al Sawy Cultural Wheel in Egypt.

In addition, she has organized and participated in many art exhibition and symposium in Egypt and abroad.

She is a founder of Euro-Arab Artoday project that aims to support the cultural interaction between Arab and European people by holding events, displays, workshops exhibitions, and training courses.




Facebook: Shereen Badr’s artwork

Instagram: Shereenbadr_artwork